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2024 Season Membership

Get a season membership and get discounts on event entry fees, plus get the chance to vote during the executive member election.

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Final PAX Standings for 2023

Vinland Motorsport Inc.
Pax Championship Points

Pos.DriverPax PointsEx-1Ex-2Ex-3Ex-4Ex-5Ex-6
1Brad Warren7117201420
2Jeff Guy681117171717
3Max Abrahams51201714
4Justin Gatehouse42922011
5Robert Thor42711111192
6Robert Thompson3514957
7Shawn Rose35314579
8Kyle Anderson2214323
9Justin Dawe162527
10Curtis Walsh11731
11Devin Husrevoglu10532
12Justin Crant1091
13Robert Predham871
14Gordon Maxwell312
15Danny Aylward33
16Sarah Predham11

Points event #6 2023 results

Here is the results of our last event! Thank you everyone for your support during the season and we can’t wait to see you again in 2024!

Points event #6

See you all at our next Points Event #6 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10th 2023 (please note the date change) at the Ken Williams Southern Shore Arena.…/vinland-points-event-6…

Feel free to check out the ‘Participate!” sectionfor everything you need to know about event guidelines, the e-waivers, and tech inspections.

For those heading out – course set up is at 8:30 am and the mandatory drivers meeting is at 9:30 am