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Points event #6 2023 results

Here is the results of our last event! Thank you everyone for your support during the season and we can’t wait to see you again in 2024!

Test and Tune 2023 results

Wonderful day on Bell Island yesterday for the 2023 Test and Tune.

Congrats to Justin Gatehouse for securing first place for both Pax and Raw times!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about Fly Your Car in Gander coming up June 17th 2023!

Points event #7 results

Great day for autoslalom on the island!

Congratulations to Patrick Broaders on the big PAX win! Congrats also to our fastest RAW winner of the day, Justin Gatehouse!

Next and last autoslalom event for the year is October 15th! Stay tuned for registration!

Points event #6 results

WHAT A DAY! A cold and rainy day for autoslalom today but we had 19 enthusiastic competitors and it was an epic day of fun and camaraderie on the island.
Congratulations to our PAX winner Mr. Max Cline Abrahams! Also to our RAW winner Mr. Jeff Guy!