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Points event #6 results

WHAT A DAY! A cold and rainy day for autoslalom today but we had 19 enthusiastic competitors and it was an epic day of fun and camaraderie on the island.
Congratulations to our PAX winner Mr. Max Cline Abrahams! Also to our RAW winner Mr. Jeff Guy!

Points event #3 results

Here you go folks, today’s results. Thanks to all for participating on such a hot day, it was a blast as always.

Points event #2 results

Big congratulations to our winner of the day Mr. Kyle Anderson!

Congratulations to our first place raw time winner Justin Crant!

Points event #1 Results

Congratulations to Justin Gatehouse, our overall winner who also posted the fastest RAW time today!

We’ll see you all at the next event, stay tuned for details!

Test and Tune 2022 Results

Congratulations to the winner of our Test and Tune event with the best Pax time, Jay Doody!
And congrats also to the winner of our best Raw time, Curtis Walsh!

Next event is Points Event #1 on Bell Island on Sunday, June 12th!

Points event #9 results

What a time on Bell Island today!

A big congratulations to Dylan Thomas who won today’s event with the fastest PAX time, and congrats to Justin Crant on having the fastest RAW time!

There were lots of happy faces and high fives today with many folks improving on their times and and having an epic day! Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success, our last event for the season is next Saturday, October 9th on Bell Island. Hope to see you all there!

Points event #7 2021 results

What a day for autoslalom!
Congratulations to Justin Ronayne, that dude is fast! First place RAW and PAX!

Great to see so many folks out today, our next event is Sunday, September 12th on Bell Island!

Here are some pictures taken at the event!

Points event double header #5 & #6 results

Here are the results for Points event #5

Congratulations to our winner Mr. Justin Ronayne for points event 5! Well done, buddy! And congrats to Mark Noftall who had the fastest RAW time!

Here are the results for Points event #6

What a great weekend on the island! Congratulations to Justin Ronayne for the fastest RAW and PAX times on points event #6!

Points event double header #3 & #4 results

Here are the results for points event #3

And here are the results for points event #4

We thank all those that came out to support us and hope everyone had an amazing few days racing!

Hope to see you all at the next event!